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HDR VIRTUAL TOURS comprise a network of independent photographers from New Jersey, Southeastern Pennsylvania and the New York Metropolitan Area. We are backed with a world-class technology infrastructure and a commitment to our customers' continued success.

OUR GOAL is to have more qualified buyers see your home to increase your chances of getting top dollar and selling faster.

TO BUYERS, PHOTOGRAPH SIZE DOES MATTER! Our Virtual Tour Viewer is Full-Screen and High-Definition. This is a stark contrast to the smaller, lower-quality photographs available to prospective buyers through the MLS/IDX systems. Without a virtual tour, the smaller, lower-quality photographs are the only ones available to the Multiple Listing Services and the real estate sites like Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com.

OUR FREE TRIAL OFFER allows every new customer to have Big, Beautiful, and Bright Photographs compiled into a Full-Featured Virtual Tour to test-drive ABSOLUTELY FREE! No purchase necessary if not completely satisfied. Real Estate Professionals may then use the flexible EZTOUR™ Easy Payment Plan. Since we never charge for our products or services upfront, you are never at risk of buying anything unwanted. This goes for every customer, photograph and virtual tour. All of work is completely guaranteed to meet your highest expectations every time.

OUR EZTOUR™ EASY PAYMENT PLAN is an “Interest-free” payment option available to real estate professionals. For about the same cost as Do-It-Yourself Tours you can have an experienced real estate/architectural photographer take properly lit, high resolution photographs that will leave the competition in the dust. All this for $20/month!

HOMEOWNERS, The only reason a good real estate agent will make the claim that his or her photos will be fine to market your home is because there is not enough cushion in the profit margin. Selling your home costs money and the commission is often split between a few individuals. Given the choice, every agent or broker would have a professional photographer provide the marketing photographs. After all, they want you to hire a professional to sell your home instead of selling it “For Sale by Owner”, right?

A SIMPLE SOLUTION is to cover the cost of your marketing photographs yourself. Since most agents will not mind covering the cost of professional photographs when the sale goes through, you can recover the expense upon selling your home. This also allows you to retain the usage rights to the photographs if you decide to change agents. Remember, you are in competition with many other homes for sale. You need the “Web-Appeal” HDR Virtual Tours can provide to bring buyers to your curb.

Serving New Jersey, South Eastern Pennsylvania and the New York Metropolitan Area, HDR Virtual Tours is a premier source for high quality Real Estate Photography and Virtual Tours.

Our Virtual Tours are designed to show your home’s listing with Big, Beautiful, and Bright Photographs. Our Virtual Tour Viewer is Full-Screen, High-Definition and easily navigated. The combination of our Skilled Professional Photographers, Our High Dynamic Range Imaging Techniques and Virtual Tour Platform will Impress Sellers and Attract Buyer’s Attention.


Properly lit, high-resolution photos are the only type of pictures that should be used in a home marketing campaign.

Brendon DeSimone - HGTV Real Estate Expert

"Make picture-perfect first impressions with your HDR Virtual Tour"